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"The Banjer 37 Motorsailer Club (BMC) is a non-for-profit private association, conceived to provide the owners of  Banjer 37 motorsailers  with a forum where to discuss matters about their beloved boats, share ideas, experiences and/or information, get help from other members to solve problems or make improvements to their boats, and become active members of the Banjer 37 motorsailers community throughout the world"

Guillermo Gefaell
Founder of the BMC
Commodore 2000 - 2016

Thank You Guillermo !!

The founder of the BMC, Commodore Guillermo after having sadly sold his Banjer MARIE in 2013, he decided, not having a ship anymore, to step back as Commodore of the Banjer 37 Motorsailor Club.

The new Commodore has been elected at the General Meeting in 2016, in Kampen, as well as a new board of directors. Including the activities of webmaster. This dual function of Commodore and Webmaster was done over the last 15 years by our founder. We as BMC are very thankfull of this innitiative and all the energy in running the BMC club over such a long time. The new board will take care of this treasure in keeping together all the members of the beautiful Banjer 37 family, all over the world. Sharing knowledge, experiences, technical data as well as a strong friendship in keeping the fleet of Banjers 37 floating.


What does Banjer mean? It's Dutch for "toff" or "swell",
with an associated verb (banjeren) meaning to "swagger".
A good name for a little ship with big ideas...
(From member Alan)

Special thanks to BMC members:  

Bård Vetteren
for the Logo,  

Oscar Alstede and Tom Zwijnenberg, for their Mottos

"Lekker Banjeren over de golven...."
(Rightly swaggering over the waves...)

"Old Banjers Never Die...!"
& Colin Whimster for the Burguee.

From here our gratitude to Hans Havers, Chairman of the Rogger Motorsailer Club,
who encouraged us to develop the Banjer 37 Motorsailer Club and this site, as well as to Frank Koorneef,
creator of the Eista site, for his enthusiastic and continuous support


 The Rogger Motorsailer Club welcomes the Banjer Motorsailer Club.

In 1959 the rowing-boat of Baron van Wassenaer was stolen. He decided to build a new one, which became the start of one of the most succesfull shipyards in the Netherlands: Eista Werf. In the timeframe between 1960 and 1980 more than 4.500 rowing-boats and 2.500 Doerak motorboats were build in steel. During the same period many polyester motorsailers left the shipyard, like 89 Banjers, about 100 Roggers and around 100 Krammers. The designer of all these yachts was the very succesfull Dick Lefeber.

During the years these ships were spread all over the world. Now we have the opportunity to gather them all again via internet. At  the beginning of 1999 the Rogger Motorsailer Club (27 members) started the first internet-site  http://www.rogger.nl followed a few months later by the internet-site  http://www.doerakclub.myweb.nl of the allready existing Doerakclub (more than 250 members). Now we are glad to welcome also the Banjer Motorsailer Club, with the site  http://www.banjer37.net. Last but not least we may expect at  the beginning of next year an internet-site about the Krammer motorsailer.

Due to the existence of these sites, people all over the world can become more familiar with these dutch ships with their sturdy appearance and robust construction. The owners of these ships will learn more about their own one and have the possibilty to exchange information with other owners. Synergy between the Clubs will help to reach more owners.

We like to congratulate Guillermo Gefaell with the foundation of the Banjer Motorsailer Club and the start of this promising internet-site.  

We wish the members of the Banjer Motorsailer Club a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with many aditional members.

Hans Havers
Chairman, Rogger Motorsailer Club
December 2000

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